Ports and Marine

Port and marine structures come with a unique set of challenges as a result of the difficult coastal environment, which includes aggressive corrosion, wave and ice forces, and geology. These challenges are often exacerbated by special structure demands introduced by the need for deep water berths and large mooring forces, and high structural and earth loads. The MRCE waterfront engineering design experience encompasses structural piers and wharves, fender systems and mooring dolphins, bulkheads and relieving platforms, jetties, revetments, and shoreline erosion protection.

MRCE offers a specialty waterfront structures design practice which has accomplished many port facility and industrial marine projects, and developed urban waterfront for public access. MRCE waterfront engineers are familiar with historic construction methods, condition inspections, and retrofit design detailing. MRCE engineers have developed special details to simplify construction over water including composite steel and concrete piles for deep profiles of soft clay, high capacity cylinder piles, precast pile caps, and platform designs using precast members and composite deck construction methods. The experienced MRCE waterfront engineering team is a major resource for marine projects, using current design tools, and engaging the latest construction methods to improve structure life and reduce cost.

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