MRCE designs foundation systems for all types of structures and ground conditions, and collaborates with structural engineering team members to verify that foundation designs conform to geotechnical recommendations and achieve performance criteria. MRCE familiarity with alternative foundation methods, practical design and construction experience with a wide variety of shallow and deep foundation types, and expertise in analysis of soil-structure interaction provides clients with cost effective foundations for subsurface conditions introduced by the project site.

  • Shallow Foundations
    Where subsurface conditions are favorable, spread footing and mat foundations are used to transfer loads from the structure to the ground. MRCE experience and advanced analysis tools are used to optimize the design, and estimate settlement performance of shallow foundation systems.
  • Deep Foundations

    Large structures such as super tall buildings, bridges, and power plants, and smaller structures constructed on marginal ground often require deep foundations to transfer loads through weak materials to stronger or less compressible soils/rock at depth. MRCE engineers select deep foundations systems appropriate to subsurface conditions and structural load demand, design and manage load testing to develop installation criteria, and perform construction inspection of deep foundations, including:

    • Driven piles
    • Drilled shafts
    • Post-grouted drilled shafts
    • High-capacity caissons
    • Micropiles/minipiles
    • Augercast piles and augered displacement piles
    • Slurry walls
    • Secant piles
    • Driven cylinder piles
    • Piled rafts
    • Helical piles
  • Waterproofing & Underdrains

    Premium underground space, popular in dense urban environments, requires waterproofing and in some instances underdrain systems to control groundwater seepage into habitable space. MRCE designs new waterproofing systems and develops remedial measures for managing seepage into existing basements. MRCE has on staff inspectors certified for most major waterproofing membrane systems. MRCE waterproofing services include:

    • Waterproofing design / review / and construction inspection
    • Drainage design / review / and construction inspection
    • Pressure slab and tie-down design
    • Seepage collection systems and topping slabs
    • Remedial grouting of soil and structures
  • Retaining Walls

    MRCE is experienced in the analysis of earth and water pressure and design of efficient and cost effective retaining wall systems. MRCE has incorporated piles, tiebacks and other load carrying elements into new and existing retaining walls to increase load capacity or control wall deformation. MRCE has a fundamental understanding of how earth pressure develops and how it can be controlled. MRCE can review manufacturer designs for appropriate adaptation of pre-designed earth retaining wall systems to site conditions. MRCE designs include:

    • Cast-in-place and pre-cast concrete structural walls
    • Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) gravity walls
    • Geosynthetic Reinforced Earth Structures (GRES) gravity systems
    • Soil nail walls
    • Soldier piles with lagging, sheeting, and other structural systems

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