Infrastructure work encompasses a wide range of project type and end uses, often requiring placement of unique structures with special foundation needs. MRCE has supported a wide range of complex infrastructure projects, including the Trans-Panama Oil Pipeline, an energy “utilidor” in New York City, sensitive data centers, water and wastewater treatment plants, force mains and pipelines. MRCE design skills have been leveraged for hydroelectric-nuclear-gas power plants, substations, power transmission lines, bridges, and highways.

Experienced MRCE leadership, with a lifetime of professional focus in geo-structures design, has often proved to be a substantial resource on challenging infrastructure projects. MRCE geotechnical engineers, well practiced in theoretical soil mechanics, are able to identify key geotechnical project risks. MRCE structural engineers, familiar with design fundamentals and geo-structural systems, develop efficient structural design solutions. MRCE geo-structure design professionals are ready to reduce uncertainty in your next infrastructure project.

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