Flood Control & Dams

Flood control structures are essential in low lying areas where structures may be subjected to seasonal flooding. Dams are earth and concrete structures designed for retaining surface water, managing and controlling storm water, temporary flood detention, hydropower storage, irrigation, domestic and industrial water supply, sport, and navigation.

  • Flood Control

    MRCE is a leader in the design of hydraulic barriers in soil and rock to control under seepage for flood control structures, and design of structure flood control such as inflatable plugs and temporary deployable flood barriers. MRCE engineers have implemented:

    • Basement flood proofing (wet and dry)
    • Foundations for deployable and fixed flood walls
    • Hydraulic barriers to control water seepage beneath flood walls
    • Foundation raising above flood levels
    • Emergency plugs for transit and utility tunnels
  • Dams

    MRCE delivers a complete suite of geotechnical engineering and design services for new dams, levees, and revetments, or retrofit or improvement. MRCE subsurface investigations, laboratory testing, site seismic testing and analyses, seepage instrumentation and analysis are used to assess the condition and stability of these man-made earth structures and evaluate requirements for upgrading or maintaining these important structures. MRCE dam design and geotechnical consulting experience includes:

    • Earth-fill dams, and Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) dams
    • Cellular cofferdams and other gravity structures
    • Dam foundation preparation, inspection, and approval
    • Grouting for hydraulic barrier construction
    • Slurry trench and slurry wall barriers
    • Stability analysis of new dams and retrofit designs
    • Erosion control of overflow and outlet structures
    • Condition surveys and stability assessments of existing dams

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