Bridge foundations are often challenged by subsurface conditions which have been erratically altered by channel erosion, or contain thick deposits of compressible soil. Bridge foundations carry high dead loads and live loads, require superior stiffness to resist lateral loads from wind, seismic, and ice, and must perform under extreme scour conditions. Marine fender systems which protect bridge piers against impact are often tested by unexpected forces.

MRCE geotechnical engineers bring expertise and structural design experience to bridge projects, creating practical foundation designs to support a wide range of highway and rail bridges. Tailored subsurface investigations, thorough seismic analysis, and skilled experience enable MRCE to provide practical foundation designs for channel piers, fender systems, trestles, abutments, and earth fill approach embankments. MRCE experience has been applied to many noted bridges including the Golden Gate Bridge, Oakland Bay Bridge, Tacoma Narrows Bridge, Huey P. Long Bridge, Benjamin Franklin Bridge, Delaware Memorial Bridge, Woodrow Wilson Bridge, Washington DC’s three 11th Street Bridges, and the New New York Bridge.

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