Emergency Response

MRCE engineers respond to geo-structure related emergency situations such as foundations, support of excavations, dewatering and waterfront structures. The geo-structure engineering practice is fraught with unforeseen ground conditions, underperformance, unexpected movements and effects on adjacent structures. Whatever the case, MRCE is your reliable partner during these difficult times. MRCE’s rich emergency response experience range from assessing the condition and performance of the slurry walls around the World Trade center after 9/11, evaluating the condition of the World Financial Center pier after it was struck by the emergency landing of a plane in the Hudson River, to performing emergency home inspections immediately after Hurricane Sandy for the NYCDOB. Let MRCE leverage its experience, use its treasure trove of geotechnical information and the inventiveness of its engineers to quickly assess, recommend solutions to your emergency related situations.
Other emergencies MRCE can serve as your reliable geo-structure engineer include:

  • Claim Support
    Often times, geo-structure projects result in claims for various reasons. MRCE can provide you with claim support services. Our claim support service includes an objective evaluation of the claim based on the available documentation both from the design and construction phases, analysis of the claim and our conclusion as to the merit of the claim.

  • Forensic Analysis
    Where failures occur such as excessive structure settlement, support of excavation deflection or instability, rock slides, slope stability issues or excessive dewatering, MRCE can provide you with state of the art geotechnical and soil-structure modelling to determine the failure mechanism, and identify the likely cause of the failure. Our forensic analysis is critical in evaluation of potential fixes of the situation.

  • Expert Witness Testimony
    MRCE Engineers are qualified to testify in experts in most if not all geotechnical and foundation related cases. With over 100 years of experience in the geotechnical market, and extensive experience to draw from, MRCE is your reliable partner when you need an expert witness.

  • Mediation and Litigation Support
    MRCE has participated in numerous mediation and litigation cases over its history. MRCE prides itself on its nuanced knowledge of geotechnical and geo-structure related designs, its objectivity and understanding of geotechnical issues to help bring mediation and litigation cases to conclusion.

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