MRCE Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering



Engineering with MRCE is different. It’s more exciting, more rewarding, more purposeful, it’s passionate.

In our 100+ year history, MRCE has accumulated a Treasury of Knowledge™, experience, and skill. MRCE combines the unmatched experience of senior staff with innovative minds of younger engineers to deliver practical solutions the MRCE way.

Our engineering library and subsurface information, maps, and archives treasury and full service in-house soil mechanics laboratory, are provided to help you define the problem and help you inspire our technical solutions. At MRCE you will be immersed in challenging projects which require your energy and contribution to create a masterful geotechnical product.

We are always interested in speaking with accomplished professionals and new engineering graduates about MRCE career opportunities in our New York or Washington, DC offices. If you are looking for an inspiring career in geotechnical or structural engineering, tell us more about yourself below.


Geotechnical engineers are asked to define subsurface conditions, prepare data exhibits, and perform a variety of analysis tasks. This experience develops geotechnical skills and is fundamental to career growth. In addition, geotechnical engineers are expected to obtain experience with construction means and methods by performing construction inspection services. MRCE projects expose geotechnical engineers to a broad range of geotechnical challenges, present an opportunity to learn from experienced peers, and meet challenges of responsible engineering roles. MRCE will combine your academic training with engineering responsibility to give you solid engineering experience and mature technical skills. This is a unique opportunity to grow in your career with an accomplished engineering team. These experiences provide a full understanding of high-tech design and real-world construction requirements.

The inspection role is a great way to strengthen engineering skills and participate as a vital member of the engineering team. MRCE specializes in underground structures, foundations, and waterfront structures. MRCE construction inspection engineers are expected to be professionally minded, responsible individuals who use experience and judgement to provide quality support for construction. MRCE projects expose inspectors to a broad range of challenges, present an opportunity to learn from experienced peers, and creatively contribute to the construction goal. MRCE assignments combine your academic training with engineering responsibility to develop solid engineering experience and mature technical skills. This role will provide you with the experience needed to pursue a career in engineering and construction. Note: Inspection in NY requires a PE license for many of the challenging types of inspections. CI’s will be expected to pursue a PE license.

The Instrumentation Technician works in conjunction with MRCE engineers to maintain, prepare, and install instruments at construction sites, connect these instruments to web-based data acquisition systems, program data plots and reports for use in monitoring field performance of structures. The instrumentation technician will be trained to work with high technology instruments and data acquisition systems. Instruments in use include automated robotic total stations, LIDAR scanners, web cameras, seismographs, tilt meters, strain gages, piezometers, etc. to monitor performance of adjacent building structures and subway tunnels; stresses in new structural elements; and ground performance, etc.